Minetest is an open source game that feels and plays very much like Minecraft. Mods are installed server side, accounts generated on the spot, all you have to do is connect and play!


Grab a copy of Minetest from minetest.net
You can run Minetest on almost any popular device, including android.


Once running, click the Join Game tab.
Address / Port = mine.0cool.org 30000
There is no need to register or purchase an account, just make up any Name / Password you wish!


Start a thread on our forum Minetest category
Please leave a suggestion, comment, pictures of your build, whatever!

Because Minetest is a game engine, we can run any mods we want to create our own environment.
Expect rapid changes as we add mods, and change the look and feel of the world.
The map can change at anytime as we start out to allow the generation of new ores and stuff.